Life can be stressful and sometimes the holidays can add to the amount of stress women feel. The Women's Health Symposium is an event that is catered to the everyday woman who is juggling a family, career, and everyday life "stuff". Dr. Valerie Maxsam's passion is to help women live a happy, healthy, whole life. It is with this thought in mind she has put together the first Women's Health Symposium presented by Tranquility Hot Tubs & Med Spa. Every part of the day is geared toward helping women, find and stay in a place of wellness by teaching them how to appropriately and effectively manage the everyday stressors that they face. From the guest speakers to the activities presented, the women who attend this event will learn a skill and be given the tools to start experiencing wholeness in every aspect of their lives.

Dr. Valerie Maxsam, PsyD

Dr. Valerie Maxsam received her clinical psychology degree from CalSouthern University.  She completed her doctoral study on Psychogenic and Psychosomatic Illnesses: A Mismanagement of Stress. She studied emotional focus coping strategies that could potentially help prevent and possibly reverse symptoms of stress-related illnesses. Her passion is women's health. She designs workshops and classes that will help women effectively manage stress by teaching them skills that they can use daily.

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Vicki Shank

"Unfortunately, most women leave it up to their husbands when it comes to family financial security.  God forbid the husband passes first, most women do not know what he has put in place.  Also, more often than not unmarried women do not plan for their total financial security.  They may have 1 to 3 of the 7 Money Milestones covered, however, all are important!"

Vicki will cover the following topics:

7 Money Milestones Road Map to Financial Security and Independence

Financial Education 
Proper Protection
Emergency Fund
Debt Management
Cash Flow
Building Wealth
Protect Wealth

 Comedy performed by
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Tamara McClinon aka mother jenkins

As Mother Jenkins, Tamara has opened up for such artists as Mary Mary, Vickie Winans, Donnie McClurkin, and Shirley Murdock. She has been the Mistress of Ceremonies for the National American Contract Compliance Association Conference. Her goal is to provide clean family entertainment that glorifies God that attracts both the Christian and non-Christian. She will keep you laughing from start to finish. 

What You can Expect

You can expect to be enlightened about a healthier lifestyle.

Lunch will be provided. 

You will have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction. The proceeds will help to employ inner-city high school students.

If time permits you will learn three new line dances. Please wear comfortable clothing.


621 S. Erie Blvd.

Hamilton, OH 45011

 (Enter the parking lot from Route 4)

(The Old Roosevelt High School)

For more information call 513-285-8475

Cost: $75