Water Purity

At Tranquility Spa, we take your health and wellness seriously. This is why we follow the strictest standards regarding the purity of our waters. Our jacuzzies come with an internal infiltration system that allows the waters to be continuously cleaned during use. The jacuzzi is pre-programmed to filter once each day for 3 hours after hours. During filtration cycles, the water circulates to remove debris and small particulates. Also, the water in the jacuzzi filters constantly and is completely re-circulated every thirty minutes for diagnostic testing and during clean-up cycles. Tranquility Spa is committed to providing our guests with clean and bacteria-free water. Our jacuzzies are plumbed using 100% Anti-Fungicide tubing to prevent nasty bacteria back-up in plumbing lines resulting in cleaner water and less chemical use.


  In addition to controlling the level of chemical disinfectant, we control the pH of the water to better match body chemistry levels. The Tranquility staff continuously measures proper bromine and water pH levels after each use. Our staff regularly performs manual water checks that ensure the healthiest condition possible for you.